Florida Fishing Guides are being affected by Red Tide and losing revenue. The Tarpon Creek Agency is a digital marketing company that works with Environmentally Sustainable Marine and Fishing Industry companies, including Florida Fishing Guides.

In a recent article titled “Red Tide is sinking profits of Tampa Bay sports fishing charters”, by Isabel Mascareñas, it is reported that Florida recreational fishing leads the nation in fishing revenue, bringing in $8 billion dollars a year and supporting 115 thousand jobs. Red Tide has negatively affected this industry, causing profits to plummet and loss of jobs. Although numerous fish and crabs have been affected by red tide, healthy fish can still be found in deeper water and unaffected coastal regions.

Source: bit.ly/RedTideFishing

In another recent article titled, “Florida Gulf Coast Red Tide Stifles Tourism and Vacation rentals”, by Alexa Nota, It was reported Water sports, fishing charters, restaurants, vacation rentals, hotels, even grocery stores have been affected by Red Tide due to lack of tourism. There has been a 30% decrease in vacation rentals this year and thousands of dollars in requested refunds for existing rentals. CNN reported an $8.1 million loss in business for the month of July 2018 alone. Mass media exposure of Red tide has furthered the decline of income for Florida, despite not all areas being affected and “some areas look and feel as if red tide never existed”.

Source: bit.ly/RedTideTourism

Red Tide has negatively affected Florida. Below are three ways to bring tourism and fishing charter business back to Florida.


Get Social

Post positive news, images, or messages on your business social profiles 2-3 times a week to combat negative news and create awareness of your area.

Get Together

Join groups to coordinate positive postings which will make a big impact combating negative red tide news.

Be the Solution

Choose your favorite coastal conservation organization and donate a portion of every charter to them to help with the cause.

If we work together we can bring coastal tourism back to Florida while helping the environment, every person counts!

The Tarpon Creek Agency is working on integrating this plan in an easy to follow format via a dedicated website and social media channels. To get notified about this action plan update and to join the movement, please sign up below.

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