Basic Fishing Guide Marketing
$300/mo. + Onboarding Cost

The Tarpon Creek Agency Puts Your Guide Business in the Local Funnel.


Phase 1: Your Story

The most important factor is that we understand your vision for your company.

Phase 2: Research

With your vision and goals in mind, we dive into the data to create your plan outline.

Phase 3: Monitors

We set up the tracking systems and provide you that uninhibited direct access.

Phase 4: Onsite Main

Onsite optimization is the foundation to your localized campaign.

Phase 5: NAP's

We do citation audits and then move to the creation phase - including data aggregators.

Phase 6: Ongoing

This is where the SEO long game is taken care of with both content and link building.

The Details of the Basic Plan

The onboarding process and costs explained.

The onboarding process involves all of the steps in the phases listed above from 1 through 5, which leads us into the 6th -the ongoing campaign. This is the most intense part of the local campaign and involves a lot of groundwork that must be properly executed. This foundation is different for every site and location. It really comes down to basic technical needs, your competition in your area, and what is required to be performed for the best in localized marketing for the fishing guide industry – targeted for you and your guide business.

Basic plan levels users can expect an onboarding cost of $500-$1500. This cost covers all of your onboarding needs and the first month’s campaign. If you signed up in January for example, and you had an onboarding cost of $750 that would include January’s regular campaign as well. Then in February, the regular campaign cost of $300/mo would take effect. The biggest factor in how this initial cost is calculated really relies on how much work your site needs and the intensity required to get there. If the site isn’t right – none of this will work.

The Importance of NAP's and Data Aggregators.

What the heck is a “NAP”? No, it’s not the one you take at the ramp when the client is late. NAP is an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone Number. These are placed on directory style websites and are called NAP citations. The importance of these is that it really drives the point home to Google that you are indeed where you say you area and that this information can be trusted at a higher level. The important step here is that these are created in important directories. These are dictated by known popular resources as well as your local competition.

Data Aggregators are services that drive local business data to local search apps. Search apps in themselves are many, but the top apps all derive their data from the same top resources. Our mission here is to get you in those top resources. Once here, the local traveler or the client headed to your area can pop out their favorite search ap and find your business. This also helps with the NAP citation building and overall growth in Google Maps and Search along the way. These all work hand in hand.

The Value of the Ongoing Campaign

Technical Focus. One half of the ongoing campaign is the technical needs for the campaign. This involves the traditional tracking of onsite technical seo audits but also involves more specific onsite needs such as ongoing page optimization. During onboarding, we optimize the pages of the site but the longterm data will tell us if it’s effective and what needs to be adjusted. Position tracking and analytics data are also monitored, recorded, and reported during the ongoing phases of the campaign. Reporting is also available as “self-serve” 24/7.

SEO Focus. The next half of the ongoing campaign is surrounded by organic search optimization by virtue of current page optimization, landing page creation, and inbound link building. On the basic plan, you can expect any combination of 3 of these per month – depending on the current needs of the site. For example, one month might be optimized content added to a current page, a new landing page created, and then one content wrapped inbound link built. Or, 2 optimized pages and one link, etc.,. This part is fluid as needs are presented.

If You're Looking to go Bigger, We Have You Covered!

If you are looking for more you can first check out the Standard Plan at $550/mo. This plan is much like Basic except with one big contributing factor added. This additional factor is remarketing. We will set up a remarketing campaign (you know, the ads that chase you around the internet) and provide $50 towards this budget. You will have the ability to add up to $500 a month towards this budget and we will manage it for you. The next benefit is greater SEO Focus. Go see the details here: Guide Standard Plan

The Ultimate Plan at $1200/mo is our flagship process for extremely hard markets, outfitters, and for those who offer big trips. This plan covers everything in our Basic and Standard plans, but all at much greater depth. In addition, this also includes PPC management across platforms with a managed external budget of up to $5000/mo. And, to top this off, we also offer social media marketing with this plan.

If your motto is “Go Big, or Go Home” – Go Here.

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