Fishing Guides Are Our Core

Fishing Guide Marketing & SEO

We understand what fishing guide companies need to bring clients on the boat. The Tarpon Creek Agency was born from marketing the guide industry.

Organic Search

Location sensitive keyword rankings in Google is still the #1 driver.

Data Aggregators

Get found in local apps by integrating your NAP’s with aggregators.

Google Maps

In our mobile-first world, maps placement can be a deal maker.

Affordable Marketing

Make the most of your dollars with remarketing strategies.

We'll do the grunt work online so you can focus on building your brand. You have enough to worry about - we'll handle the rest.

Strategic Focus

We understand the obstacles facing fishing guides in the digital world, we offer a proven strategic approach.

Get Your Time Back

Focusing on building your brand model on social and staying on top of the fish is hard enough - we'll handle the rest.

Increase ROI

It takes money to make money, true enough - but how much are your current marketing models actually giving back?



Our basic guide marketing program focuses on Google search at an affordable price point.

Onboarding + $300/mo


Most Popular


The standard guide marketing program invests in both search and remarketing strategies.

Onboarding + $550/mo


Hard Market/Outfitter


The ultimate guide marketing program is a proven game-changer in the digital world.

Onboarding + $1200/mo