Technical SEO for the Fishing Industry

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Updated, targeted, and correctly coded websites will perform better and be more cost effective for your search placement efforts than any other form of digital marketing solution.

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Inbound links from relevant fishing sites, social media profile engagement, and organic lead generation are only effective if you earn them. We provide targeted & engaging fishing content.

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We monitor keyword rankings using a 3rd party service for true results, we monitor and adjust with traffic analytics data, and we monitor and adjust all onsite elements as they relate to onsite technical seo needs.

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Why is technical SEO so important for fishing related companies in Today's Digital World?

No matter who you are, or the product you represent, or even the area’s you serve, organic search is still the frontline in the digital landscape. We constantly see patterns and search numbers rise for major keywords in the fishing industry.

For example, A popular hook company, we’ll call Brand X, has an average of 7,000 monthly searches for their brand. This is good, and probably the result of both longevity and social media efforts. But at the same time, people are searching for bass hooks, saltwater hooks, circles hooks, and so on in a search engine like Google at nearly 100 times that number on the same monthly basis.

Two things are happening here. One being that a majority of searchers still don’t know about Brand X to begin with, so they don’t hunt for their products. Secondly, even if the majority of these searchers know about Brand X, they are still shopping for all available alternatives before committing.

SEO solves both of these issues. For part one, these searchers will now be introduced to Brand X. For the comparison shopper, we are now repeating the brand on multiple fronts – creating greater brand recognition, which will lead to greater conversion. “Oh, look. Brand X again, they must be the best”

What do you provide?

We provide extensive on-site SEO which includes everything from onsite text, title, and image optimization to open graph and Google rich snippet integration.

We constantly monitor & repair the site for search-related errors. This includes items such as duplicate content, coding errors, 404 errors, and constant onsite tweaking.

We provide content optimization, as well as inbound marketing content creation designed to engage your users as a priority, but optimized perfectly for search. 

For local businesses (such as fishing charter companies and brick and mortar), we also provide location-based SEO which includes Google Maps optimization and mobile app data aggregator integration. 

We monitor detailed analytics data that includes real-time site audits, traffic analytics, and keyword tracking. We track organic search in Google and Bing Desktop, Google Maps, and Google Mobile, in your country/area as required, with this. A 5th tracking slot is left open for a custom tracking experience upon your request. Reporting available on demand.

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